What’s On the Needles

Hello, world. Welcome to my knitting-and-maybe-also-personal blog. Once upon a time, I had a personal blog at a site that shall go unmentioned, but I outgrew the need to write about teenage drama and romantic turmoil and I left that blog mostly neglected for several years. In this here frankenblog, I hope to simultaneously give voice to my growing desire to blather about my knitting adventures, and rekindle the love I once had for writing cleverly about all the fabulously interesting things that I do. These presently include: writing a dissertation about poetry and phenomenology, playing the flute in a rock and roll band, lifting weights in a fairly serious (but certainly noncompetitive) manner, going to Burning Man, and, yes, knitting and halfassedly crocheting. Aren’t you intrigued? Don’t you want to keep reading?

Good. This will be a knitting post, though — and for now, at least, I’m planning to keep my “knitting” posts and my “personal” posts separate, because while I fantasize that my knitting friends will be interested in my life-writing, I don’t in a million years imagine that my non-knitting friends will be interested in looking at a bunch of pictures of half-finished socks.

I figure the first thing any knitter will want to know is what I am currently working on, so this post will cover those things. A series of future posts will discuss some of my past knitting adventures, so you can get a sense of where I’ve been in addition to where I’m going.

Priority 1:

cairnwip1 This doesn’t look like much right now, but it’s Ysolda‘s brand-new Cairn. A few months ago, a friend of mine wrote me in distress, saying that she’d borrowed and lost her boyfriend’s favorite hat and she neeeded me to knit a replacement. I was in the middle of my Christmas knitting and said I could get to it in the new year, and when Ysolda released this pattern last week I knew it was perfect. The original hat was un-replicatable, at least for a knitter — it seemed to be woven. Ysolda’s new pattern evokes woven-ness while actually being quite distinct from the original article, allowing me to knit a hat that is “inspired by” the original without actually trying to copy it, which would certainly be a doomed effort. The yarn is Koigu Kersti, which I came to after a long and arduous search for a DK-weight merino yarn (it had to be soft!) that offered a “mottled gray” color like the original hat had featured. So far it’s going well!

Priority 2: woodsmokewip

Anne Carson‘s newish Woodsmoke Sock. I discovered Anne’s work with the Winter issue of Knitty and have been a devoted fan of her designs and her blog for the past month or so. She boggles my mind — it seems like every other week she is banging out a new, fabulous pattern. The yarn here is Fearless Fibers‘ lovely Tight Twist Superwash Merino in the “flame” colorway, which is so gorgeous I can hardly stand it. I love the yarn and the pattern to pieces, but I must confess– these socks are breaking my brain. My new knitting challenge to myself in the new year is to try more lace projects, and I’ve had some success, but the chart for these things (while very clear!) is massive and tough to follow. I’ve put these on hold until the chartkeeper that I’ve ordered from Knit Picks comes in the mail. It should also be noted that I do basically 100% of my knitting while in front of the television AND while drinking, which makes my whole lace-resolution seem like a bad idea. (I have to multi-task my free time; being a grad student is basically a 12-hour-a-day job.) But I am confident I will succeed, with the help of the magical chartkeeper. Yea verily.

Priority 3:

elmrowwip Now, this is a lace project I can get behind. This is another Anne Carson pattern; it’s Elm Row. I only cast on two repeats of the lace pattern because I’m doing this project to use up some leftover yarn. The yarn is yet another Fearless Fibers creation– it’s the Laceweight Merino in the “brunette” colorway. Someday in the not-so-distant future I will show you the lovely project that the bulk of this yarn went to. I considered this my first “real” lace project, and I started it while on a meditation retreat because I thought it would benefit from my increased concentration, but it has turned out to actually be quite easy compared to the Woodsmoke Socks.

That’s all for now. Tune in next time to see and laugh at some of the ill-advised things that I knit when I was just starting out. Fun for the whole family!

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