Spring Lace


Ah, spring lace. My skinny Elm Row has been a real between-projects project; using up leftover yarn from my Orchid Lace Mitts (seen below) and picking up the slack between other, more ambitious knits.


I was going to get to the Orchid Lace Mitts eventually in my flashback series, as I finished them about two weeks before I started this blog, but at the rate I’m going with those flashback posts it was going to be a long while. And I wanted to photograph them together with the scarf, anyhow.


Yes yes, how charming. The yarn is Fearless Fibers Laceweight Merino, in the Brunette colorway, and it was fantastic. Both patterns are from Anne Hanson, and they are lovely. I knit the mitts over winter break and found the lace interesting, but not so difficult that I wasn’t able to watch movies with my family & my visiting boyfriend — Return to Oz in particular is forever associated with knitting them. I had quite a bit of yarn leftover, so I decided to cast on for a skinny version of Elm Row — the pattern calls for four repeats of the lace pattern, and I only did two. Near the end, it became clear that I really could have cast on three, but I rather like the scarf long and skinny, and it’s more decorative than functional in southern California anyway. I began my Elm Row while on a Buddhist meditation retreat, thinking that my increased powers of concentration would benefit such a complicated lace motif, but it didn’t turn out to be nearly as complicated as I thought. It’s only a 10-stitch lace pattern, and while there are no all-purl “rest rows,” 10 stitches is still not so much to keep track of that it’s impossible to do in front of the TV. There were occasional bouts of tinking and swearing, but I never had to do any serious frogging. Here are some close-ups of the stitch pattern, on the blocking board and in the wild:



What’s still giving me guff is my orange Woodsmoke Sock. I ripped out the whole thing (I only had about 3 inches done) and started over again with the aid of my brand-new chart keeper, but it still requires much closer attention than a TV knitter is capable of paying. It’s spending some time in the naughty corner at the moment, but I may work on it in the car over my impending spring break. What’s at the top of my priority list right now are some socks for the boyfriend — I’m not going to link to the pattern right now because he reads this blog, and though he’s going to see me knitting them I want him to be at least a little bit surprised by the finished product!

ETA: I have just discovered a Ravelry group for “Knitters Who Like to Knit While Walking and Singing Sea Shanteys.” What?? I am tempted to join said group, but I think that would make me a poser. They appear to be serious, with discussion threads on topics such as “best clothing for walk-knitting.”

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