U(nseasonal) FO


I finished this hat weeks and weeks ago, but it wasn’t particularly in season then, either. In fact, a hat like this is basically never appropriate for the weather in southern California. I made it with the dancefloor in mind — the dancefloor of all-night dance parties out in the desert, where it can get quite chilly and where sometimes one wants to wear cat ears. P and I go to parties like this (Burning Man is only the largest & most famous example) a couple of times a year, so I decided I really ought to knit myself some appropriate headwear even if I wouldn’t wear it very often.

This is made with the Malabrigo Aquarella that I bought in San Francisco over spring break. It’s a thick-and-thin yarn, which accounts for that knobbly texture. I knocked this out in one afternoon, and I considered writing a pattern for it, but it would have been even more of a disgrace to the pattern-designing community than my previous patterns. The pattern would basically have gone like this: (1) Knit a gauge swatch. (2) Measure your head. (3) Knit a hat in an appropriate size for your head. (4) Do a single-crochet border to prevent your brim from curling. (5) Divide your lefover yarn in two (if you have a limited amount of yarn left), and use it to knit two triangles. (6) Fold those triangles in half and attach them to your hat, using a mirror, with safety pins, in the location that you want your ears. (7) Sew those ears on that sucker. (8) Weave in ends. (9) Look as ridiculous as you want to, baby.




In other knitting news, I finished my Whisper Cardigan, but I won’t bother showing you pictures until I’ve blocked it. I’ve worn it a couple of times unblocked because I’m impatient, but I think it will look better once I get around to doing that. The problem is that P has moved in, and he has a bunch of unpacked boxes taking up my blocking space out in the living room. I’ve also been making strides on my geometric shawl:


And I’ve cast on for Nadine, a tunic from the new French Girl Knits book:


I’ll have more to say about this project later when it’s more fully underway, but for now I’d like to say that I’m so glad I held out for Be Sweet Bambino, the recommended yarn, instead of subsituting with something easier to get. (P and I made a whole side-trip to Oakland on our spring break San Francisco trip to a store that sells it, because I couldn’t find the color I wanted online.) The texture of this yarn is insanely great — the bamboo and cotton are in separate plies, which makes for a fabulously rustic texture, and its so, so soft. It’s also a relief to be working with a heavier yarn after all of these lace-weight projects lately!

Lastly, I have some more yarn porn for you:


This is Caper Sock from String Theory Yarns. I was inspired to buy a skein of this after Anne Hanson posted pictures of her recent String Theory acquisitions, and the dye jobs were fantastic. This will become something from Sock Innovation, Cookie A’s new book, but I haven’t decided what yet. Plus I have to make myself finish those Flaming Socks of Doom first!


This lovely ribbon yarn is Malva from Filatura di Crosa. I bought it with a gift certificate, given to me by my lovely friend Mia, to The Little Knittery, a very little but very cute LYS in Los Angeles. It will probably become some kind of light, airy summer scarf — but I’ve been also considering trying to design some kind of a mesh tank top with it, to wear over a camisole. We’ll see!

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