Geometric Shawl


I finished my geometric shawl about a week ago, but have just now gotten around to the photoshoot! Lest you think I have become some kind of shawl-producing machine, I urge you to recall that I started this thing back in May, but I put it and everything else aside while I cranked out that Laminaria for the wedding later this month.


This is a design-it-yourself shawl from Evelyn Clark’s Knitting Lace Triangles, and the yarn is Malabrigo Lace in the Stone Blue colorway. I liked Malabrigo Lace just fine in my Whisper Cardigan, but ultimately I’m a little dissatisfied with it for actual lace — it gets fuzzy, and it’s a little too light; it doesn’t drape the way I’d like it to. I think I’m going to favor slightly heavier, multi-ply yarns for lace in the future. But it’s also kind of nice to have a shawl that’s not as “precious” as my other ones — one that can be more of a workhorse piece in my wardrobe, not saved for special occasions only.


That’s a tree behind my head, blooming purple — not a weird cowlick, I swear. I’m still figuring out how to be a shawl-wearer (since I love to knit them so!), and I do rather like this scarf-look. I finally took my Rainforest Swallowtail out for a spin this past weekend at my friends’ housewarming party, and it went pretty well — I was worried that it might look weird, or attract an embarassing amount of attention, but it worked out just fine. I got some nice compliments, but wasn’t excessively fawned over, which was a relief.

I forgot to take pictures of this thing while it was blocking, but here it is spread out on my bed:


If you’ve got the Knitting Lace Triangles book too, and you’d like to reproduce this, here’s the recipe:

– Ripple Lace beginning

– 2 repeats Ripple Lace

– 1 repeat Medallion Lace

– 2 repeats Ripple Lace

– 4 repeats Medallion Lace

-1 repeat Leaf Lace

– edging

I orginally intended to do the Medallion Lace all the way to the edging, but I counted wrong and did the transition to the edging before I realized that I had enough yarn left over for another repeat. Rather than rip those transition rows out, I decided to go ahead and do the Leaf Lace (since it uses the same transition rows), and I think it worked fine! It fits well with the edging, I think.


Now that I’m liberated from my Laminaria and from finishing this thing up, I’m working on like four different things at once. In my next post, I’ll show them to you!

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