At the Kitchen Table Doing Shots of Resignation


Friends, this Aeolian will be the death of me. What you see here is the shot glass I am using to hold my beads. I’m sure that people who use beads regularly have fancy little trays for this purpose — in fact, I’d bet you five bucks that you can buy handmade fancy little trays for this purpose on Etsy with pictures of fairies lovingly painted on them — but I prefer to use what I have on hand. I had planned to do 8 repeats of the yucca chart and 1 of the agave chart, but I somehow failed to count to 8 and instead did 9 repeats of the yucca, which is a problem because the agave chart doesn’t work if you do an odd number of repeats. (Guess how I know. Hint: the answer is not “I read the pattern carefully.”) When faced with the decision of whether to painstakingly tink back 8 enormous shawl rows or just plow ahead and knit another 8 for a total of 10 repeats of the yucca, I chose the easy way out, knowing full well that it might lead to Shawl Giganticism and/or Stabbing My Eyes Out Because Of The Insanely Large Number Of Stitches On The Needles. I am already regretting this decision.

In better news, the beading is going pretty well. You will be bemused to know that, after showing you that picture of how tiny my beads were last time, I decided that I needed beads which were even tinier, and I hauled off and ordered some 11/0 beads while the 8/0 beads cried themselves to sleep in the purgatory of my miscellaneous-craft drawer. (Do not think I have only one craft drawer — the other two are devoted to yarn.) The problem with the 8/0 beads was twofold: 1) My yarn is extremely, extremely thin, and the 8/0 beads looked too large, and 2) I’m still hesitant about the flashiness of a beaded shawl in the first place, so I wanted the beads to be as subtle as possible. They are subtle as hell, let me tell you. I skipped the beading for the yucca charts, but I started it on the transition chart and if you squint really hard, you can see some shiny bead-ness in the upper lefthand corner of that picture up there. I swear. And of course they are also at the bottom of my shot glass.

Speaking of which, it’s ten o’clock at night and I can think of something else which maybe should be at the bottom of my shot glass, so I am signing off. Wish me luck in my quest to finish knitting this thing by Labor Day — I’m gonna need it!

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