Hold Everything

The only permanent casualty of my car troubles over Labor Day weekend was my car stereo, which got permanently fried. Pat & I bought $20 iPod speakers at the Ft. Bragg Radio Shack before leaving town, and spent the 10-hour drive home listening to tinny, static-y music, which was better than no music at all. Certain bands sounded much better than others through those treble-heavy speakers. Good: King Khan & BBQ Show, Go Sailor, Modest Mouse. Bad: Okkervil River, Wilco, the Libertines. You know, in case you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

My old car stereo was the bottom-of-the-line factory model in 1997 when my car was manufactured, which meant it had a radio and a cassette deck and nothing else. When I bought the car in 2004, I hauled all my cassette tapes from my parents’ house in New Jersey out to my new home in California, where they all took up residence in my car. Suddenly I was listening to Paula Abdul and Nirvana and Elastica again, and it was awesome. I spread the word to my friends that since I only had the ability to listen to cassettes in my car, I’d love it if they made me mixtapes, and I received some excellent ones. So I was a little bit sad to let go of all that when my stereo got fried over the weekend, but it’s frankly delightful to have a new stereo now that plays CDs and that I can plug my iPod directly into. Previously I’d had a cassette-to-digital adapter that I’d purchased for about $5 at a sketchy electronics store in NYC Chinatown, which basically worked but was a serious pain in the ass and was becoming moreso in what turned out to be its last days. And I was especially delighted to only have to pay $70 for it at Best Buy; I had been resigned to spending multiple hundreds of dollars getting ripped off by some sketchy car-audio specialist in Costa Mesa until Pat suggested them. I was so delighted, in fact, that after getting my new stereo installed (which Best Buy can actually do for you!) I proceeded directly to The Container Store next door and bought this:


A stash basket, to hold all the pretty yarn I’ve been accumulating this summer! (Note that I also have a “craft dresser,” two drawers of which are stuffed with yarn, but that’s basically all leftovers from previous projects waiting to be recycled into something fabulous.) And look how well I’ve been doing at buying colors other than blue! (Except for the basket itself, hehe.) In this shot you can see my three newest acquisitions — three skeins of Malabrigo Sock, along the top, left, and right sides. The newest LYS in town, Knit Schtick, sent out an email alerting patrons to a new shipment of Malabrigo including their sock yarn, which no LYS near me has ever carried, so I went to check it out, figuring I’d get a skein of it for Ysolda’s new shawlette, Damson — and I ended up with three skeins because it was all so gorgeous. The reddish-greenish-brown one on the right is the Arbol colorway, and is the most likely to actually become a Damson. The purple one on the top is Rayon Vert, and the purplish-green one on the left is Primavera. I’m strongly considering doing something that would pair the Rayon Vert and the Primavera together, but I may decide to use them separately; we’ll see. Also, I don’t think that any of them will actually become socks; they’re too pretty not to be lace, I think.

So the basic idea of the stash basket is to get my pretty new yarn out of the bags on the floor where it had been living, and turn it into both a decorative element and a constant reminder that maybe I should not be buying any new yarn for awhile. Heh. Here’s hoping.

I mentioned last time that I was putting that Fibre Company Terra yarn to work already, which is why you don’t see it in the basket above. Here it is:


It doesn’t look like much right now besides a chunky scarf knit on too-large needles, but it’s on its way to becoming a Gaia Shrug, I swear. I do love how it’s knitting up, with the rustic texture and flecks of blue, and believe it or not I’m over halfway done already. Though I’m on the home stretch with my Hamsa scarf and I’m mired in the million-year-long seaming process for my Nadine tunic (which I will bitch about at a later date), I figured I’d sneak this project in for some instant gratification. The next time you see it, it will look very different!

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