Brown and Orange


My Damson is finished! It’s quite a fast knit, and very easy, but it got sidelined while I was working on Matthew’s scarf (which I’ll show you in a minute) and got started on my Christmas knitting. As every knitter knows, if you don’t start your Christmas knitting in October you are going to run into trouble in December. But I resurrected it this week for my knitting circle, because it was the project that lent itself most to socializing-while-knitting, and I got close enough to finishing that I shelved my Christmas knitting for a day or two in order to do the edging and block it. Here it is blocking, and kind of reminding me of the Millennium Falcon:


It fit perfectly on my Knit Picks modular blocking boards, which was handy. The forward-curving points make it very wearable; it seems like it might stay put without a pin provided one wasn’t doing anything too strenuous. Observe:


I guess I’m sort of holding it here, but you can see how nicely it curves over the shoulders. All in all I was very happy with this pattern, another gem from Ysolda. It was easy to knit, but you do need to pay attention, especially in the beginning, to make sure that your YOs line up — precisely because the pattern’s so easy, there’s a high danger of spacing out about them. I read several reports on Ravelry of people needing to start over two or three times, and I laughed smugly to myself, imagining they must be shawl-n00bs who didn’t understand the garter-stitch-tab cast-on or something, but then I messed up the damn YOs (after executing a perfect garter-stitch-tab) and had to start over twice myself. And you needn’t fear if you’ve never done the garter-stitch-tab cast-on, by the way — Ysolda provides very clear instructions! This would actually be an excellent first shawl for the lace-curious.


The yarn is Malabrigo Sock in the Arbol colorway, which I was very happy with. Which is good, because as you may remember, when I went to buy the yarn for this shawl I “accidentally” came home with three skeins of Malabrigo Sock in three different colors.


Here I am demonstrating to you how well this shawl matches my skirt, which was my devious plan all along. When I saw this skein in the store, I knew instantly that there was a place for it in my wardrobe. I was intending to make it in a brown/gold, but the brown/gold/green was better than I could have hoped for!

I also finished Matthew’s scarf last week; here it is lying seductively on my patio table:


I took this picture on a cloudy day, but the color came out fabulously. Sometimes the beating southern California sun is actually detrimental to photography, I think. This was knit in Shibui Knits Merino Worsted, which was very soft and springy. I ended up knitting this on US 9s, I believe, after swatching with 7s (which the ball band recommended), deciding the fabric was too stiff, and then starting the scarf with 8s and still feeling like it was too stiff & dense. But maybe I shouldn’t have worried, because the fabric relaxed a lot with blocking, resulting in a lovely, drapy, soft scarf. Matthew got to meet his scarf when he was in town last weekend — it was finished being knit but not finished being blocked, but we got a few pictures nonetheless:


Pat & I took him to our favorite taqueria, El Granjenal on 19th street in Costa Mesa. Above, Matthew is greeting the minorly notorious mural that decorates the side of the taqueria, and looking dapper in his scarf and jacket.


Aaand here we see why the mural is minorly notorious. The guy in the hat beckons to you, the viewer, as if to say “hey, man, check it out!”. The ladies to the left of Matthew used to be fully nude, until about a year ago when they got string bikinis — I guess somebody complained.

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