Genius at Work

Pat snapped this picture of me while I was typing away on my dissertation yesterday. I thought you’d be amused to see some of my knits in action — but try not to look too hard at my gross, stained mug of tea. Around my neck is my Damson shawlette, and not-quite-matching on my arms are my Orchid Lace Mitts. If there’s one thing reading knit blogs has taught me, it’s that not-quite-matching is good enough for most of us, and that one of the easiest way to spot a knitter in the wild is to keep an eye out for people whose motley assortment of knitted accessories makes them look like they either just got kicked off Project Runway or else are just harmlessly crazy.

I knit those Orchid mitts a little over a year ago, and they were my first lace project ever, which is interesting to think about given how damn much lace I’ve knitted this year. I actually intended them to be “Dissertation Mitts,” so here they are doing their job — my desk is in front of a window that I like to leave open even in the cold(ish) months of winter, but I have poor circulation and these things help my hands stay warm while I type. I knit most of my lace shawls in the spring and summer, and you may remember some of my speculation about whether and how often I would actually wear them — well, I am pleased to report that now that the weather has turned colder, I find myself reaching for them regularly.

Now that my Christmas knitting is done, I’ve gone back to those Rick socks from Cookie A’s Sock Innovation book, and I’m getting close to done:

I apologize for the crappy picture; I’ll do a proper photoshoot when they’re done. But you can see that I’m past the heel on the second sock, and I’m really happy with how they’re coming out. I expect that I’ll finish them over Thanksgiving break.

I mentioned last time that I would be regaling you with tales of the beginning of my quixotic quest to knit a big red blanket for our living room, and I had hoped that I would at least have pictures of the yarn to show you by now, but alas. I think I’m going to hold off on telling you about that quest for a little bit longer, until I have something more to show for it, but I assure you it has already been an enormous pain in the ass due to my own anxiety, obsession, and crazytude. Let us just say that at one point, FOUR different $70+ orders of yarn for this blanket were out there in the world — I thought I would comparison-shop & return the batches I didn’t like — but I managed to cancel three of them and am now MERELY waiting for the yarn I have special-ordered from a store in NEBRASKA to reach me by mail. Genius at work indeed.

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