My Rick socks are done! The pattern is from Cookie A’s Sock Innovation book, which came out last year & I highly recommend it. These were great to knit, because the stitch pattern was easily memorizable and also totally logical — you don’t need to count rows on the leg after you get the hang of it, because you can tell just by looking at your stitches what you need to do next. So it’s very easy to pick up and put down, and excellent social knitting because you don’t need to be consulting a chart or worrying about losing your place. My only complaint is that the toe is really pointy and shorter than I like; after knitting the first one and trying it on I decided to rip the toe out and knit 5 rows plain before starting it again to give my toes a little more wiggle room. (And then, of course, I copied this plan for the other sock.)

The yarn is String Theory Caper Sock, and I absolutely adore it. It’s springy, sturdy, and soft, and the dye job is phenomenal. The colorway is “Mars,” a blend of reds and pinks that unfortunately I think is no longer available. What I love about the dye job is that there’s no pooling at all; as you can sort of see in the picture above, the sock ends up looking sort of speckled on top, and stripy on the sole. In fact, as you may remember, I love this yarn so much that I bought a second skein of it in turquoise that I’ll bust out one of these days. FYI, it’s definitely on the heavy side of fingering weight — I needed my leg a little wider than the one in Cookie’s pattern, and using the heavier yarn made that happen without my having to add extra repeats of the pattern.

I’m visiting my family in New Jersey for Thanksgiving, which has been nice and relaxing. I knew I’d finish these socks early in my visit, and since I don’t have the yarn for my big red blanket yet, before I left on my trip I cleverly cast on for a Tudor Grace scarf, yet another pattern by Anne Hanson. I knit on it while watching my cousins (2 and 6 years old) all afternoon and evening on Thanksgiving; here’s my progress so far:

Isn’t this yarn gorgeous? It’s the second of the three skeins of Malabrigo Sock that I bought back in September — the first became my Damson shawl. The colorway here is Rayon Vert, which is a deep dark purple with occasional flecks of green. I bought the skein with the least green on purpose, because frankly I’m more into the purple, but the green does add some interest. I’m liking this pattern a lot; it’s just a six-row repeat with no lace patterning on the wrong-side rows, and I think the rustic texture of the lace pattern makes a nice counterpoint to the smooth prettiness of the purple yarn. I’m sure this yarn would be fabulous in some slinky, swooping, leaf-lace pattern too, but that’s not what I was looking for here.

Aaaaand since I’m at my parents’ house, I’m going to give you a totally gratuitous shot of my family’s dog, Max:

Isn’t that snaggletooth adorable? He was poking his little head into my sock photoshoot, but unfortunately my dad hadn’t figured out how my camera works in time to get a good picture of him with my socks — so I took this one a little later. He’s a cockerpoo, half cocker spaniel & half poodle. Unfortunately, my family is pretty firm that he doesn’t need any sweaters knit for him. 😦

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