Psychedelic Snails and Other Surprises

Holy sweet goddamn, people. I don’t check the stats on this blog very often, because I know damn well that only about four people read it. (And I appreciate all four of you very much!) So imagine my surprise when I went to check my stats for the first time in a couple of months and discovered that I was getting hundreds of hits a day, and furthermore that several weeks ago I was getting THOUSANDS of hits every day! It turns out that my Snowflake Dog Sweater was listed as the “free pattern of the day” on The Daily Knitter sometime at the end of January, and subsequently got archived both on that site and on Knitting Pattern Central. Guys, I’m famous!

And hello, newcomers! Please don’t be shy. Please. I’m begging you.

One thing that this pleasant surprise has taught me is that, strange as it may seem, Ravelry is not the end-all be-all of the online knitting world. Only about four people on Ravelry have actually knit my dog sweater, but according to WordPress, over ELEVEN THOUSAND PEOPLE (!!!) have at least looked at my pattern via those sites above. Now it’s certainly possible that all eleven thousand of those people have looked at my pattern and decided that their dogs would look better with little dog-sized barrels to cover up their nakedness instead, but it’s likely that at least some of those people are happily knitting my sweater in blissful ignorance of the fact that they could post it on Ravelry and allow me to bask in my own awesomeness reflected back at me in the form of ridiculous-looking-but-warm-and-happy dogs. But you know what? I’m okay with that. One of the marvelous things about the internet is that you can do all kinds of good that you will never know about.

My other news is that, under the always-delightful influence of Laughing Purple Goldfish, I have joined a freeform-crochet-along (Rav link) for the month of March, which is apparently National Crochet Month. A bunch of folks have volunteered to be “designer for a day,” and each day one of these people gives us a small chunk of crochet to do. For example, on March 2nd the instructions ordered us to count up all our crochet hooks (I own 32, which is ridiculous given how infrequently I crochet) and to do that number of stitches in crocheted moss stitch (and provided a video, which was helpful since I’d never heard of that stitch). I’ve been wanting to try freeform crochet for awhile, and I figured this would be a fun way to get into it — plus I’m not a very experienced crocheter in the first place, so it’s been teaching me some new stitches. Are you ready to feast your eyes on my masterpiece, after following 4 days worth of instructions? Are you?

Yes, it looks like a psychedelic snail. But I kind of love it. Stay tuned to watch how it mutates!

One thought on “Psychedelic Snails and Other Surprises

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