My Rimefrost socks are finished! And just in time, too. It’s supposed to get up to nearly 80 degrees on Monday and Tuesday — and as soon as that summery weather hits us, my desire to knit socks vanishes into thin air. I basically wear my handknit socks as fancy, self-esteem-boosting house-slippers, but only in the colder months. They boost my self-esteem because it’s pretty great to notice that my feet are cold, and then say “well, I guess I’ll just go put on some AWESOME SOCKS THAT I KNIT MYSELF and that will solve this problem.” Case in point:

Technically, that’s me getting ready for the sock-modeling session; Pat has a penchant for photographing me before I’m ready to be photographed. But bless his heart, because the pictures usually turn out to be pretty entertaining. I invite you to notice how my throw-pillow matches my coasters. Here’s a shot where you can see the stitch pattern better; none of the foot-in-sock shots really excelled in that department:

I loved this pattern to pieces; it’s fun and ever-changing, but easy to keep track of and with very little pain-in-the-ass cabling (1 c4b per snowflake; that’s it!). The yarn is pretty great, too; it’s MacKintosh Celtic Sock Yarn in the “Aubergine” colorway. It’s lightweight and stretchy, but seems sturdy enough to stand up to wear, and the dusty purple color is fantastic.

Tune in next time for some more freeform crochet insanity, plus the start of my two latest ill-advised impulse-knitting projects!

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