Snail to Butterfly

You may recall that when I started this freeform-CAL project I called it a “Psychedelic Snail,” due largely to the multicolor spiral that is now covered up by that pansy. Well, earlier this week when I was visiting my family for spring break, my mom remarked that it was starting to look like a butterfly, so for the last few days I have been actively trying to make it look butterfly-like. This has mostly meant that I’ve been applying each day’s instructions to what is now the lower right quadrant, in an effort to develop the bottom part of that “wing.” I hope we get some shells or something so I can put some bumpiness in that region, because having one stick-straight wing-tail is looking pretty dumb so far. Only 3 days of instructions left! I’ll show you the final official-CAL photo, but I’ll probably clean it up a little bit afterwards to try to make it into a hangable-wall-art butterfly. (For one thing, it might need some antennae.)

And now, at last, I will share with you my recent bad-knitting-decision. What could it be, that’s been giving me so much trouble that I had to rip it all the way out and start over? Complicated lace? Fancy colorwork? No:

Simple stockinette. It figures. This is the start of Hannah Fettig’s Featherweight Cardigan, but it might not be for long. See, I generally like to have one difficult lacy pattern and one easy-peasy pattern on the needles at the same time — that way, when I’ve had a few drinks I can put the lace aside and pick up the stockinette, etc. Since I’m still working on finishing my Fernfrost scarf, I figured it would be a good time to start a cardigan on the side. I never intended to knit another damn laceweight stockinette cardigan — I love my Whisper Cardigan (also by Hannah Fettig), though knitting it bored me to tears — but I fell madly in love with Squoosh Fiberarts’ Sublime Lace in the Cedar colorway and may have bought two 900-yard skeins of it because it was dirt cheap. But it’s a poor choice for this project because it’s superwash, so it’s not going to fuzz up like the Malabrigo that I used for the Whisper Cardigan did, and I might be left with a cardigan full of holes and prone to runs & snags (because the laceweight fabric is so delicate). Plus it’s going to take about a gazillion years to finish, and I have other more urgent cardigan needs — like, say, something black that I could actually wear all the time. Plus two brand-new shawl patterns are calling my name: Anne Hanson’s Pine and Ivy shawl, and Elizabeth Freeman’s Torreyana shawl. I came damn near to ripping this out and casting on Pine and Ivy the minute it was released; the only thing that stopped me was that I was on vacation and didn’t have the right needles with me. Sigh.

2 thoughts on “Snail to Butterfly

  1. dammit. now i feel the need to learn to knit again. i tried to teach myself a few years ago and decided i liked crochet better and didn’t have the time to dedicate to knitting. but i just love some of the patterns you link to. and i’m a cardigan whore.

    someday. maybe now that i’m done with grad school, i’ll have enough time to actually learn to knit.

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