I Can Fly Twice as High

My NaCroMo Freeform Crochet-Along piece is all done, and I am kind of sad that it’s over. But look at how awesome this thing is! It was a great experience; I learned tons of new stitches, I cut my teeth on freeform crochet, and I made a bunch of new crocheting friends! I even got to be designer-for-a-day on the 30th; the red lattice border on the lower right side was the piece that I designed. Hopefully, now that I’ve got the concept and the confidence, I’ll be able to make some freeform pieces of my own with the added bonus of being in total control of my creative decisions at all times, rather than having to figure out where to put somebody’s damned four-leaf-clover. If you’d like to see the crazy range of how people’s freeforms turned out, you can check out our Flickr group, or if you’re on Ravelry, I highly encourage you to view the majesty of the finished freeforms discussion thread. I’ll have more to post here soon on my new and hopefully less ill-advised knitting adventures, so stay tuned!

One thought on “I Can Fly Twice as High

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