Stashbusting in Style

I’ve finished my Fernfrost scarf at long last! I started it way back at the beginning of December, but between then and now I’ve also knit an entirely different lace scarf, an enormous red blanket, a pair of socks, a fearsome octopus, and I’ve designed and knit a bewilderingly popular dog sweater. So you can’t say my needles haven’t been busy! In the background of all of these variously urgent projects, Fernfrost chugged along on days when I needed a break from more boring knitting and on days when I was waiting for yarn for the Next Big Thing. The chart was complicated but logical, and while I never quite memorized it, I definitely got better at following it and remembering it in pieces if not in its entirety. Also, I am now an effing MASTER of ktbl and ptbl; I will never complain about those stitches again because I can now do them almost as quickly as regular knits and purls. All in all, I’d say this was a bit of a challenge but definitely fun throughout. By the end, I was genuinely surprised at how quickly I was able to get through the 32-row (!) chart.

Ultimately, the only thing I was less than satisfied with was my yarn choice. Knitting this was kind of a feat of strength, so in retrospect I wish I’d picked something nicer than Knitpicks Shimmer to do it in. It’s not a bad yarn, but the pattern was written for cashmere and the alpaca/silk blend of the Shimmer doesn’t have the plumpness to bring out the texture of the stitch pattern in quite the way I would have liked. But as you can see in this picture, the finished product is light and drapey, which is nice in its own right. As the title of this post suggests, I chose this yarn mostly because I’d had it on hand for a long time and felt like I needed to use it — I ordered it awhile ago when I did the Knitpicks calculus and realized that adding a $7 skein of yarn to my purchase would give me free shipping, which was almost a winning deal.

I don’t have any pictures of the scarf actually on me because Pat’s out of town for the next few days. I had to do this photoshoot myself this afternoon, which involved conscripting various parts of the landscaping around my apartment as well as lots of maneuvering to get the right combination of angles of light and “playful” breezes. But I’m pretty pleased with how the above pictures came out, and none of my neighbors called the men in white coats to come take away the crazy lady squatting next to the railing and examining the red scarf she put there while muttering prayers to the wind gods. And look at how lovely spring has made all the bushes in my apartment complex! The whole thing is full of these bushes that are just green and leafy for most of the year, but they burst into flower like this in the spring and suddenly it’s like I live in Care-a-Lot. (You know, the cloud kingdom where the Care Bears live?)

Here’s a blocking shot for good measure:

Despite the general crappiness of the lighting here, this is actually the most accurate shot color-wise. The colorway (Sherry) is more burgundy than cherry-red; the late-afternoon sun is deluding you in those earlier pictures.

So in case you were wondering, I’ve backed away slowly from that laceweight cardigan and have recently cast on something much more sane and much more practical. But you’ll have to wait until next time to see it, because I’m getting hungry and it’s just about dinnertime!

3 thoughts on “Stashbusting in Style

  1. Nice work on the solo picture-taking! I like your choice of location and the first pic does a great job of showing the stitch pattern. I never would’ve given lace scarves/shawls a second look if not for your posts about knitting them.

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