Hey, look! A new location! For once in our lives, Pat & I traveled to a slightly different place in our apartment complex to take these photos. And frankly, I like this spot better– it’s greener, and there are no cars passing by silently judging me for posing like a fashion model in elaborate knitwear.

This is Suzanna IC’s Abrazo, from the most recent issue of Twist Collective, which is jam-packed with amazingness — I urge you to check it out if you haven’t already. These sorts of scarf-shawl hybrids seem to be all the rage at the moment, and Suzanna IC herself is “so hot right now,” with two scarf-shawls in Twist, one in Knitty, one in Interweave, two in Knitcircus, and one in Yarn Forward — all in this season alone! Suzanna’s patterns are basically all for laceweight yarn, whereas most of the examples of this trend that I see are patterns written for sock yarn that’s too precious to make into socks: Corrina Ferguson has a ton of them, for example. As a person who loves to knit lace but who has been having trouble fitting proper shawls into her youthful wardrobe, I welcome this trend with open arms.

This is the only picture where you can see the beads, so look hard — they’re especially visible on the parts of the shawl that are over my arms. I used size 8/0 clear glass seed beads — the ones I had initially bought for my Aeolian Shawl before I had a fit of the crazies and decided to use even tinier 11/0 beads.  The yarn I used is Squoosh Fiberarts‘ Sublime Lace in the “Cedar” colorway. You may remember it from my ill-fated attempt to knit Hannah Fettig’s Featherweight Cardigan. That was a stupid idea in the first place, given how tedious I found knitting her much smaller Whisper Cardigan, and the final nail in the coffin of that project was that this is superwash yarn, which means it wasn’t going to fuzz up and fill in the holes that knitting laceweight at such a large gauge would create. So I decided to knit this Abrazo right away as a preventative measure — if I used up enough of the yarn on something else, I couldn’t return to that stupid idea even if I wanted to. I had, like, 1800 yards of this yarn to begin with, and this shawl used up maybe 450, so I still have tons leftover — I figure I’ll use it for a big fancy wrap one of these days.

For this picture, Pat urged me to “be a dinosaur.”

All in all, I really enjoyed this project — it went lightning-fast, especially once the lace part was over. The rows are of course very long, but there really aren’t that many of them in the final analysis. And it’s a very versatile piece — it’s lacy, it’s shawly, it’s scarfy, and it stays put in a wrapped-up position much better than triangular shawls do. I’ll probably be making some more of these!

And now for some more miscellaneous pictures I didn’t get to show you yesterday:

This pretty little thing is a circular needle case that Pat got me for my birthday. Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s from this Etsy seller, if you’re interested. Here’s the inside view:

This is something I’d been needing for a long time — my circular needles had just been a big bundle of chaos in my craft bureau for years. Here, I’ve organized them by size, so it’s easy for me to tell at a glance whether I have the needle I need or not!

Aaaand one last gratuitous shot of my plants:

Look at all those flowers! I’m astonished at how early they’ve come out; this plant was still flowering when I bought it in September or October of last year, so I’m looking forward to a long summer of pretty purple flowers. My other plant hasn’t started flowering yet, but I’m hoping it will soon!

7 thoughts on “Abrazo

  1. Uh oh… It looks like somehow some yarn bought itself on my credit card and some beads are on the way and the pattern up and appeared on my hard drive! It must be some kind of PayPal bug.

    Seriously, though, you have finally managed to tempt me with lace! This one looks manageable enough for me to make fairly quickly and use as work-clothes-accessory.

      • I bought some of the yarn called for by the pattern (Beyond Basic Knits Lavish Lace) because I want to be a bit conservative about straying from patterns when I’m trying something a bit new. I picked this color because it makes me think about dragons.

        I also might have somehow ordered a set of crochet hooks starting at 14 that I hope will work out, but I’m going to hang on to your recommendation in case it doesn’t. (Thanks!)

        The only problem now is that I’m super excited and want all of my supplies to come right now so I can start! I’m trying to channel that knitting excitement into my other projects. I’m almost done with the never-ending sleeves for a sweater I’m working on…

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