Coaster #1: Scalloped Circle

Here you see installment #1 in what will be a series of posts featuring crocheted coasters. I am currently visiting my family in New Jersey, and figure I’ll make approximately one of these a day until I run out of days of vacation and/or I get tired of doing so. Each coaster will be a totally different pattern, so it will be exciting for all of us.

I am doing this for several reasons:

  • The coasters I currently have are old and getting kind of gross.
  • My brother got me Crochet Stitch Motifs by Erica Knight for my birthday, and it’s full of standalone stitch motifs that all seem like they will work well for coastery-sized projects. (All my coasters will come from this book; I’ll tell you the pattern names as I post them.)
  • My mother is currently recovering from surgery and this gives me something to do while I hang around with her all day and chat.
  • I’m not really capable of crocheting in front of the TV, which the only way I manage to fit knitting into my life, so most of my crocheting lately has occurred when visiting my family. I figured I may as well work with rather than against this trend.
  • I’m not actually a very talented crocheter, so this will allow me to practice my skillz.

For all the coasters, I’ll be using Takhi Cotton Classic yarn, which I recently picked up in a variety of colors, and a 3.25 mm crochet hook. This one is the “Scalloped Circle” pattern from page 84, which I added my own color changes to. I figured I’d start with something easy and work my way up. This one is far from perfect, but it’ll do!

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