Coaster #6: Frozen Star

Pattern: Crochet Stitch Motifs by Erika Knight, “Frozen Star,” p. 68.

Yarn: Takhi Cotton Classic

Hook: 3.25 mm

Sorry for the dim, crappy picture, but it’s threatening to storm here. And I really want it to, because I miss thunderstorms like hell when I’m on the west coast, and because it was 96 frigging degrees out today with a million percent humidity, and a storm would break the heat. Anyway, this pattern came out nice, but it also came out huge for a coaster, despite the fact that I left out round 5 (of 6 — it would have been more of the green stuff. I guess it could be a trivet? Or a thing to put a wine bottle on? Or a really large coaster. Again I made the color changes on my own; the pattern is written for all one color. And again I complain that this book says nothing at all about gauge or size. I’m okay at estimating, but apparently not okay enough. This was easier than it looks, so I succeeded at my goal of crocheting something not as annoying as yesterday. Tomorrow’s goal is to crochet something that is actually coaster sized. Aim low and you won’t be disappointed, my friends.

Today’s bonus picture is a sleeping puppy:

This is of course my family’s dog who I knit that sweater for last winter. Awww.

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