Coaster #7: Ridged Hexagon II

Pattern: Crochet Stitch Motifs by Erika Knight, “Ridged Hexagon II,” p. 140

Yarn: Takhi Cotton Classic

Hook: 3.25 mm

This one was minorly confusing, in that what the pattern calls “Dc/rb” (double crochet around the back of the post) is in fact what I know as double crocheting around the front of the post. Also, I’m not convinced that that’s what they even did in the sample, because the sample looks significantly different from my finished product. But I don’t care, because the finished product looks cool and is probably one of the most coastery coasters I’ve crocheted so far, in terms of appropriate size and lack of holes.

Yesterday I was in the West Village for the beginning of NYC Pride Weekend, on a rooftop across the street from the Stonewall Inn where there were periodic dance parties blocking traffic in the street — but tragically, I’d left my camera at home. So your bonus picture today is just the back of this coaster, but it looks pretty viable and my mom actually prefers it to the front of the coaster. And it’s kinda pride-appropriate:

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