The Coaster Project: The Final Chapter

I am now back in California and the coaster project has come to an end. Here’s the whole family! I knocked out the last coaster, on the upper right, in the morning before my flight. Here’s a close-up:

Pattern: Crochet Stitch Motifs by Erika Knight, “Traditional Hexagon II,” p. 79.

Yarn: Takhi Cotton Classic

Hook: 3.25 mm

This one was super easy — it’s basically just a modified granny square with a border — but I managed to mess it up in round 3 by failing to read the directions, and I ended up with an octagon that wouldn’t sit flat. But I realized my mistake in time to rip back and finish this up before I had to leave for the airport. Despite (or because of) its simplicity, this one was my mother’s favorite & she’s commissioned a set of them in green and gold for Christmas, so you’ll see more of these eventually.

All in all, this project was a rousing success. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get any academic work done when I was visiting my mom, since she needs so much help with simple things around the house while she’s recovering from her surgery, so making these gave me something to do while hanging out with her that could be easily picked up and put down when necessary. And now I have a lovely, brightly-colored set of coasters that matches my brightly-colored living room decor!

I’ve been doing some knitting behind the scenes, but some of it will have to remain secret for another few weeks. I do have a few things I can show you, though, so in a few days I’ll update you about what’s been going on needle-wise!

2 thoughts on “The Coaster Project: The Final Chapter

  1. Wow. Those are really beautiful. The colors are great. I wish I could get over my mental block about crochet to make things like this!

    (Found your blog linked on the ITFF Ravelry group)

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