Midsummer Lace

I mean, yes, I knit lace all year round, but it’s particularly in season in the spring and summer. Also, the gorgeous yarn you are looking at is Stricken Smitten‘s S’marvelous in her June colorway, “A Midsummer’s Twilight.” I’ve had my eye on Stricken Smitten for awhile, and when I saw last month’s limited edition colorway I fell madly in love and decided to splurge on her most sumptuous yarn base (S’marvelous is a 70/20/10 blend of baby alpaca, silk, and cashmere), and I’m not sorry. This yarn is so gorgeous I can’t stand it. In addition to having lovely drape, shine, and softness, the dye job is just fantastic — the hints of purple and green remain hints when the yarn is knit up, without any pooling or spottiness. This June colorway is no longer available, but the July colorway should also appeal to you blue/green/teal lovers, so go check it out!

The pattern is Anne Hanson’s brand new shawlette, Les Abeilles. She started swatching for it right around the time that I got this yarn in the mail, and I knew immediately that I was looking at the pattern that this yarn was destined to become. It’s a great design, but the smallest size (which I’m knitting, because I didn’t have enough yarn for the medium size) is quite small. Just yesterday I saw another Raveler who’d had the sense to just add another repeat of the hem pattern on both sides (I think the medium size adds two repeats), and I wished I’d thought of that! But it’s fine, I wanted something small and scarflike anyway. And I like the proportion of hem-lace to center-garter stitch the best on the smallest size, anyway.

I’ve also been making quite a bit of progress on my Campanula scarf (also a new Anne Hanson pattern!):

I took it with me on vacation, where I put in a bunch of work on it in the evenings, but at about 2/3 of the way through I got Scarf Fatigue. You may be familiar with this ailment — unlike shawls, which tend to be ever-changing, scarves are often just the same thing over and over and over, and so no matter how much you love the pattern, at a certain point you just have to cast on something else. In this case, it worked out pretty well — once I got my secret projects squared away, I cast on for the Les Abeilles shawl to break up the tedium of this scarf. But now I’m at the point in Les Abeilles where it’s just garter stitch from here on out, so the scarf is starting to look appealing again. I should be done with both of them in not much more than a week or two!

4 thoughts on “Midsummer Lace

  1. I know what you mean about scarf fatigue. After a while I’m just like EFF THIS. Currently I’m going through blanket fatigue though–it’s a shame really, I’m only 6 inches in and need about 30 more!

  2. Such a pretty shawl. I’ll be sure to keep my eye out for pics of the FO. Good luck on your scarf fatigue. I seem to have that problem with sweaters. I have four in various states of done-ness.

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