Austin Campanula

Of course I would finish this on the day that summer heat finally hit southern California. Until today (well, and yesterday a bit), we’d been having relentlessly gorgeous weather — low 70s and upper 60s, some clouds but no rain — that is much more characteristic of spring than summer in LA. But now that it’s in the 80s, of course it was time to model my new cashmere scarf.

I like that you can see my new bright-turquoise toenail polish in this shot! The pattern is Anne Hanson’s Campanula, which was delightful to knit. I never quite memorized the lace, but I got familiar enough with it that I could knit it in front of subtitled films such as the amazingly ridiculous Chinese Ghost Story II with no trouble and only brief glances at the chart. The pattern is written for Great Northern Yarns cashmere laceweight, which is quite fine, so I used a larger needle (US 2 1/2) with my Jade Sapphire Mongolian Cashemere 2-ply. Here’s a headless shot where you can really appreciate the yarn:

Isn’t it lovely? I’d been having trouble photographing it on our shady porch before, but here you can see that it glows. And it’s super soft. As I believe I mentioned here earlier, I got it at Hill Country Weavers in Austin, TX, which was conveniently within walking distance of the Austin Motel, where Pat & I stayed for half of our trip. It’s a lovely, well-stocked shop and I highly recommend it! I also got some wonderful forest green sock yarn there that I’ve earmarked for my next pair of socks, but I’m not sure I’m going to be in the mood for sock knitting until the fall when it gets chilly again. I’ve named this project “Austin Campanula” for the origin of the yarn, and also because its brown/goldness reminds me of the Texas countryside.

Here’s a blocking shot:

Technically it’s a post-blocking shot; I forgot to photograph it until I took the wires out. Which is almost a shame, because I put those wires in meticulously, threading them through every damn purl bump in the garter edging because this design has no regular eyelet row in the edging that would have made using wires easier. I used every bit of the 400 yards of yarn that I had, ending up with a scarf that is 10″ wide by 57″ long after blocking. It’s pretty much the perfect size!

I should be finished with my Les Abeilles shawlette very soon, and I have an exciting garment project coming up — stay tuned!

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