Les Abeilles

My Les Abeilles shawlette is done! It’s quite small; I stretched the crap out of it in the blocking, and it came out to just 15 inches deep and 36 inches wide. It would be more useful if it were just a touch wider; I do wish that I’d had the heart to rip it out and add an extra repeat on each side. The thing about this pattern is that it’s knit from the bottom up, so you can’t change your mind about how big it’s going to be once you’ve started.

But in fact, once I discovered the method of pinning that you see here (and above), I was suddenly enchanted:

Pat was enchanted, too; he had been whining about wanting another 20 minutes before going out to take these pictures, but when he saw this pin configuration he agreed that we needed to take photos immediately while things were so perfectly positioned. 🙂 I think it’ll work, and it’ll be an excuse to wear this lovely shawl pin, which I don’t often bother to use with my larger shawls.

Here’s a blocking shot where you can see the lace pattern up-close and personal:

Isn’t it pretty? And it’s quite easy to work; it’s super simple to memorize and everything makes intuitive sense. And the yarn, Stricken Smitten S’marvelous, is incredibly gorgeous.

Stay tuned until next time, when I will have for you a heartrending tale of love, loss, and renewal — of a tank top, that is.

5 thoughts on “Les Abeilles

  1. I love the mini-shawl look. Big shawls are a little too grandma for my taste but I love the ones that wrap around your neck like a fancy scarf so to me, this is perfect! And that shawl pin is kick-ass!

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