Flutter Scarf

Hey look, a finished Flutter Scarf! I know I told you that the next FO you’d see would be the Ribs and Lace Tank — and in fact I finished knitting it before I finished this — but there were a total of four ends to weave in for the scarf, while the tank top has approximately four million. So I’m still working on it.

In fact, I wasn’t expecting to be done with this scarf nearly so quickly, but I brought it along to a recent electronically-oriented jam session. I’ve long since learned that tossing my knitting in my bag is generally a good idea when I’m going to band practice, and doubly so when there are going to be a lot of computers and synthesizers for the boys to hook up and synchronize and babble about between takes. (My “analog” instruments — flute and saxophone — are a lot more straightforward!) So I got a LOT of knitting done that afternoon, and was surprised to find myself nearly done by the end of the session.

Here’s the obligatory headless closeup:

The yarn is Louet Mooi, and it’s outrageously gorgeous. I was highly conscious of only having 350 yards of it, though, so I weighed the yarn before and after knitting the first ruffle to make sure that I’d have enough at the end. I definitely didn’t have enough yarn to do the recommended 100 repeats of the pattern in the middle — I think I only did about 80 or so before I found myself with only the 7 grams I needed for the ruffle. This brilliant system almost worked — I ran out of yarn about 2/3 of the way through the bindoff, so I unpicked it and bound off on the purl side one row early. The difference is basically undetectable, so I’m happy.

I was worried with this pattern that I wasn’t going to feel able to rock the ruffles, but I think I’m managing just fine. Also, as you may have noticed, I recently got new glasses. I don’t intend to always be quite this hipstered-out, and am currently engaged in a long annoying quest to find replacements for my rimless glasses — apparently rimless glasses aren’t cool anymore and just about nowhere stocks more than a handful of models. But I’m doing just fine with these for now.

I was also worried that doing only 80 repeats instead of 100 would leave me with an unreasonably short scarf, but as you can see, this totally works. I had to stretch the crap out of it in the blocking stage, but I got it to 55 inches, which is in the ballpark for Respectable Scarf Length. (60 inches seems to be industry standard.)

I have some new things on the needles, but I guess I’ll save them for another post in a few days. And I swear, you’ll see that tank top soon!

2 thoughts on “Flutter Scarf

    • Thanks! And welcome to the blog! I have the scale that KnitPicks sells; it’s pretty cheap and it gets the job done.

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