New & Improved

I took my Aestlight shawl off the blocking wires on Monday of last week, which you may remember as “The Hottest Day In The Recorded History Of Los Angeles, No Really Check It Out,” a day when I was not going to venture outside of my apartment for love or money, and certainly not in order to model some woolen knitwear. Pat and I waited a few days for the temperatures to cool down to a balmy 90-something degrees, but when we went out to take the pictures, my camera promptly broke. It was pretty old (from about 2005), and I’d been planning to replace it after Christmas if my parents failed to get the hints I was going to drop in the weeks leading up to said holiday, so I decided to bite the bullet and replace it now. Pat’s digital camera dates from approximately 300 B.C. (seriously, it’s the size of a small brick), so it wasn’t really an option as a stopgap — though his iPhone does, shamefully, have way more megapixels than my recently-defunct camera did.

I don’t exactly know what megapixels are, but they sound awesome. I mean, “mega” is right there in the name. And I knew I wanted more of them. Fortunately, I already knew exactly which camera I wanted — a few weeks earlier, I thought my camera was broken forever and so I polled my photography-oriented friends on Facebook. They agreed that this Canon Powershot was a good choice for somebody who says things like “‘mega’ is right there in the name!” and who didn’t want to spend more than $200. What I didn’t tell those friends was that shortly after they shared their wisdom with me, Pat figured out that my camera was not in fact broken forever; I’d just knocked some button with my hand that I usually don’t touch and things had gotten weird.

This time, though, my camera was broken for real. It was broken so hard that my internet search about how to fix it uncovered a whole website devoted to this particular way a Canon camera can become broken forever. None of the tips on that website worked for me, and repairs were clearly going to cost way more than the camera itself was worth. So I declared it “totaled,” and bought that new Powershot off of my own Amazon wishlist.

Now, I am a smart person. I am going to have my Ph.D. within a year unless I have a mental breakdown (not impossible), I sort of know what megapixels are, and I did consider getting a fancy DSLR camera. But I am also a poor person, this knit blog is not a source of revenue, and I don’t have the spare time to learn how to use a fancy DSLR camera. I do, however, plan to try to learn how to use this new camera to its full potential, including finally figuring out how to take decent macro shots. Look for some poor attempts at this next week! The shots you see in this post were taken by Pat in the automatic mode, and they came out pretty great, though the grass is strangely neon in some of them.

I suppose I ought to say something about the shawl. It’s awesome! Gudrun Johnson’s designs continue to rock my world. The garter triangle flew along, the birds-eye lace was fun and not too difficult, and the edging was a little bit of a pain but very doable. Pat says he likes this shawl a lot because “there are different parts to it,” and I agree. I like its simplicity and its boldness; it’s more casual than some of the fancier, more delicate shawls I have knit. And it came out much bigger than I was expecting it to — this is the smaller size! I made it with a single skein of Sanguine Gryphon Bugga! in the limited-edition “Reakirt’s Blue” colorway. The color in these photos is pretty accurate; it’s a striking purplish blue. Some people on Ravelry reported running out of yarn when trying to knit this with a single skein of Bugga!, but I had no problem — I even have a little bit left over.

So I’m sorry for the unintentional hiatus, but now we are back and better than ever! Keep an eye out for “adventures in macro mode” — coming soon to a knit blog near you.

4 thoughts on “New & Improved

  1. Can’t get over how funny your blog is. “I don’t exactly know what megapixels are, but they sound awesome.” haha

    PS: Expect something in the mail a few days from now!

    • ooh, exciting! i’m so impressed by your flat yarn cakes; you’re doing much better with that nostepinne than i ever did!

  2. The Canon SX30 IS has got you prepared for your next extreme photo opportunity. This point-and-shoot digital camera comes with a massive 35x Wide-Angle (24-840mm) Optical Zoom lens–a first for any PowerShot!

  3. I am an advertisement for a camera! Point and shoot! Point and shoot! If you take me with you, I will perform my duty to the utmost! I will mega all over your pixels!

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