Lady Green

I’ve finished my Lady Grey Lace Shrug, and it is awesome. It’s everything I ever wanted in a fingering-weight shrug: a pretty lace pattern that’s not too difficult to work, 3/4 length belled sleeves with a fancy lace cuff, and a perfect match for the Alchemy Juniper yarn that’s been languishing in my stash basket for over a year. It’s warming my shoulders right now as I type to you on this chilly October afternoon.

I used exactly two skeins of Alchemy Juniper in the “Good Earth” colorway, down to the last inch — I had just enough at the end to weave in, and that was all. (I have another whole skein left over, though, and I was grateful to not have to break into it and wind it up just for the last couple of yards!) I knit the size small, and I left off the last half a pattern repeat on each arm because of my stumpy appendages. And the fit is perfect!

The designer, Rachel Erin,was super helpful throughout the process. I had a question about the gauge when I was starting out, and much later I had trouble understanding how the lace cuff was supposed to be knitted on, and both times she responded to my questions quickly — and in the latter case, I think she even updated her website with an instructional video.

Okay, enough with the demure poses. I will leave you with a shot from when Pat asked me to channel the “Top That” rap sequence from Teen Witch, the much-worse female version of Michael J. Fox’s Teen Wolf:

Warning: do not attempt to actually watch Teen Witch. The video linked above is approximately 100 times more awesome than the rest of the movie put together. Oh, and another public service announcement: starting with my last post (but I forgot to tell you then), it is now possible to click through these pictures to see slightly-larger versions of them. I figure I may as well show off my new megapixels, after all.

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