In Progress

Just popping in to show you a (blurry, crappy) progress shot for my Leitmotif Cardigan. I finished the body last night, and started on the sleeves shortly after this picture was taken. Please, uh, excuse my pajamas — it was about 11:00 at night, and I wanted Pat to snap a picture at the vest-stage before I started on a sleeve and made it all lopsided. So far the sizing seems to be working out, and I had no trouble lining up the stitches when I picked up the provisional cast-on in the middle. I’m modifying the pattern at the shoulders a bit, which makes me nervous because shoulders are a complex piece of architecture and I’ve never attempted to mess with them before. But a bunch of Ravelers are saying that the sleeve caps on this cardigan are rather puffy, and as a fairly broad-shouldered lady I figured I’d try to eliminate some of the puff by doing fewer and wider short rows than the pattern calls for. If you’re playing along at home, the specific change I made was to put 21 stitches instead of 13 between the end points of the first short rows. Hopefully this will not end up looking dumb or constricting my arms too much. The good news, though, is that once I’ve knit a bit farther down on the sleeve I can try it on and check it out!

I’m determined to finish this sweater before I go on winter break, because I really don’t want to haul a project this large across the country. Wish me luck!

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