Ammons II

Look, I made another skein of Ammons yarn! It’s the one one the right. I tried to make it thinner and more tightly spun than the first skein, so it would be more similar to the red yarn I spun earlier that I plan to stripe it with, and it looks like I succeeded! By accident, the colors lined up pretty well in plying, so there’s less of the barber-pole effect and more runs of solid color — which I wasn’t particularly trying for, but it looks nice! I was wrong earlier when I thought that I’d spun half of the Targhee — each of these is about 1/3 of it, and there’s another 1/3 of it left unspun. But this new skein is probably enough for what I have in mind, and I’ll figure something else out for the worsted-weight skein. So I’ve gone back to spinning the red Corriedale fiber, until I have enough of that for the project I have in mind. Unfortunately, it’s become clear to me that I won’t be able to start on this knitting-with-my-handspun project until the new year; I have a couple of holiday knitting commitments as well as some smaller projects I intend to travel with, and it seems senseless to plan to cast on for this in the middle of all that while also on vacation. (And of course, before I leave, I will finish my cardigan! Mark my words.)

The other photo I have for you today is of one of my plants on the back porch; they have been flowering gloriously this autumn:

Oh southern California, sometimes I mourn your lack of traditional seasons — and sometimes I love having flowers and sunshine all year round.

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