Eight Coasters Coasting

I finished up my mom’s Christmas coasters just in time — I soaked and ironed them on the 23rd, and they were dry and ready to go for our Christmas Eve dinner. They were requested by my mother over the summer, when I was working on my summer coaster project while I was visiting her. She wanted green and gold, to match our Christmas napkins and napkin holders, seen here:

In retrospect, this picture might have looked better if I’d put plates out! But you can see Max’s little furry head poking into frame in the upper left corner, so that makes up for it. I set the table and took this picture hours before dinner, because I wanted to take it while there was still some sun out.

The yarn is Takhi Cotton Classic, and the pattern is “Traditional Hexagon II” from Crochet Stitch Motifs by Erika Knight, a pattern my mom admired for its simplicity. I was able to memorize it in pretty short order, so making these was a breeze!

I’ll leave you with a gratuitous shot of Max that I took while we were out walking a few days ago. Happy holidays, everyone!

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