Winter Leaves

I seem to be on a green-and-leafy kick this winter, quite possibly because I spent the holidays in the epicenter of Snowpocalypse 2010, a blizzard that prevented Pat from being able to visit my family and that turned the local mall into a red cross station, among other things. Fortunately I am now back in southern California, and able to take sunny pictures like this one! What you see here is the beginning of a pair of Sleepy Hollow Socks, which I’m knitting because I like the leafy pattern but also because everybody on Ravelry raves about the heel construction: the gussets are knit in the round along with the heel, with no stitches to pick up. Crazy! You can’t really see in this picture, but I’ve gotten to the gusset increases and it all makes sense so far. I can’t quite conceptualize how turning the heel is going to work, but I have faith that if I continue to follow the instructions, everything will work out fine. The yarn is Sanguine Gryphon Skinny Bugga in a colorway called Autumn Tiger Beetle. I’d initially imagined making a scarf or something out of it, since the colors are so pretty, but I already have a dark green scarf-like thing, and as you’ll see in a second, I’m in the process of knitting another one. So I decided to use this sock yarn to make socks with after all — shocking! I’ve sworn to make at least two pairs of socks this winter, because I love wearing handknit socks around the house but I have no desire to knit them anytime other than winter when it’s chilly out.

Here’s the second green-and-leafy thing I’m working on:

This doesn’t look like much right now, but it’s the beginning of an Autumn Arbor Stole by Anne Hanson. I’ve never knitted a stole before, and I suspect that it’s going to take a million years and would get really boring if I devoted all my attention to it, so I’m conceiving of this as a between-projects project and not as something on the main stage for now. But the pattern is just so pretty (once it’s blocked — look over at the pattern page!), and I had enough Squoosh Fiber Arts Sublime Lace in my stash to attempt something this ambitious, so there you go. I figure if I finish this by summer I’ll be happy.

Here’s something I’m trying to finish a little more quickly:

I started this Buncha Squares Blanket in, uh, April, and you are looking at how much progress I’ve made. I ignored it pretty hard all summer, but suddenly now that it’s cold I’m feeling like another handknit blanket for the living room would be a superb idea, so I’m picking up the pace. I really love the colors! I figure I’ll keep on making squares until I either run out of yarn or run out of steam, but in the abstract I’d like this thing to be at least four squares wide and tall, if not five, so I have a loooong way to go.

Last time I promised you pictures of that scarf I was knitting as a gift. Unfortunately, the only pictures I have of it on the recipient don’t let you see it very well, and I neglected to do an FO photoshoot on my own. But at least you can see how much it’s appreciated:

This is my friend Adam, rocking what he says is his first favorite scarf in a long time. (He is also rocking fuzzy pink leopard-print pants, because we were preparing for the 2011 Philadelphia Mummers’ Parade when I took this picture.) He requested this scarf to replace a long-lost beloved scarf that had been his mother’s. He didn’t have much of a knitting vocabulary, but when he said that “it was loosely knit… but there was some periodicity to its looseness,” I figured out that what he probably wanted was a drop-stitch scarf. What you see here is a simple drop-stitch scarf with 9 knit rows followed by a triple-drop-stitch row, in Brooklyn Tweed’s Shelter in the Woodsmoke colorway. I made it pretty damn long, since he said that one of his favorite things about the old scarf was that he could wrap it two or three times and still have lots of it trailing — as you see here!

As if all the knitting here wasn’t enough, I also plan to cast on soon for my very first project with my handspun yarn. Stay tuned!

One thought on “Winter Leaves

  1. I keep saving up your blog posts until some mysterious point in time when I will write an excellent comment, but I’m going to not do that now because of SURPRISE ADAM!

    Anyway, I particularly love the stole!

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