Knitting With (My Own) Handspun

At long last, I have actually started knitting with this yarn I’ve been spinning since, uh, August. In my defense, I spun really slowly when I was just starting out — my first 200 yards took about two months, and my next 200 yards took about three weeks. (Graduating from park-and-draft to suspended spinning helped a lot!) Also, I didn’t bring any of my spinning with me on my month-long winter vacation, because it would have taken up valuable suitcase space that had to be reserved for the sweaters and pants and non-flipflop shoes that the east coast apparently requires in winter. What you’re getting a glimpse of here is Kirsten Kapur’s Andrea’s Shawl, knit from my Brickhouse yarn and my Ammons yarn. The Brickhouse yarn, spun from a Louet Corriedale top, was really my “learning” yarn, and as such it varies widely in quality. I started knitting the lacy edge of this shawl with my most recent batch of it, figuring that lace would benefit the most from nice even yarn — but now I’m up into the stockinette part and using my earlier, crappier yarn. It’s like traveling back in time and visiting my stupider self: “Damnit, why is this fingering-weight yarn suddenly worsted weight?! Why is it so underspun here? What idiot spun this?? Oh, wait. THE TRUE MONSTER IS MAN.”

Ahem. Anyway, when I need a break from boring stockinette and crappy yarn spun by some idiot (I kid, I’m pretty excited to be actually knitting with yarn I actually made), I’ve been working on my Sleepy Hollow Socks. I’ve got one whole sock done:

Yaay! And I’ve gotten a solid start on the second one. So I expect finished socks in a week or so. Yaay!

Spinning-wise, I’ve gotten through a good chunk of the merino-silk top that is pictured in my new header:

I’ve only got about an ounce of it left, and I’m excited to see how it looks when it’s plied up! Hopefully this yarn will be a little less, uh, monstrous.

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