Handspun Andrea

Hey, it’s my first handspun finished object! It only took me, like, four months! Which I guess is how it goes when you’re using a drop spindle because you’re too poor for a wheel. This is Kirsten Kapur’s Andrea’s Shawl in the medium size, knit in yarns I spun from Louet Corriedale in “Pagoda Red” and Mountain Colors Targhee in “Indian Corn.” And I’m pretty darn happy with how it came out. People are constantly baffled about why I bother to spin, and I think this series of pictures is probably the best answer I can give:

It’s pretty damn gratifying to start with a pile of wool and a dream, and to be involved in every step of the process that turns it into something fabulous that suits your tastes perfectly because you frigging made it. That, friends, is why I spin.

6 thoughts on “Handspun Andrea

  1. That’s a gorgeous shawl – the colors are amazing and the spinning is perfect. I haven’t spun in a while but seeing projects like yours is the inspiration I need to get started again.

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