Finishing Bonanza

Over the weekend, I finished both my Sleepy Hollow Socks and my newest handspun yarn! Hooray! These are hands-down the best socks I’ve ever knitted, not because the pattern is particularly superior to other sock patterns (though as I’ve mentioned, the heel construction is pretty genius), but because I finally managed to not be a total idiot with this pair and actually knit them long enough for my foot. See, I tend to get impatient with sock knitting, and when the pattern says “knit until 2 inches shorter than your foot, then start the toe,” I’ve traditionally interpreted that as “knit until you could plausibly call it 2 inches from the end of your foot if you kind of stretch the knitting; I mean, you have pretty small feet anyway so this should be over quickly, right?”. So I have a lot of socks that are a little too tight — they’re wearable, but I’m often sort of walking on the heel flaps, which is really dumb. So this time, I knit until I wanted to call it 2 inches and then I knit a couple of rounds more, and they fit perfectly.

Yaaay. The yarn, to remind you, is Sanguine Gryphon Skinny Bugga! in the Autumn Tiger Beetle colorway. Nice and green and leafy, just like winter here in southern California! It’s getting pretty intensely green here, since we got that whole rain apocalypse thing back in December.

I also finished spinning that merino/silk fiber I got from Twist, Yarns of Intrigue at the Southern California Weaving and Fiber Festival, and I couldn’t be happier with it:

It’s a laceweight or light fingering yarn, and there’s about 300 yards of it, so I’m going to turn it into some kind of little scarf. I’m calling this yarn “Oread,” after a poem by H.D., one of my favorite poets ever, because the way this yarn mixes up blues and greens and browns reminds me of the way this poem mixes up the forest and the ocean:


Whirl up, sea—
Whirl your pointed pines.
Splash your great pines
On our rocks.
Hurl your green over us—
Cover us with your pools of fir.

6 thoughts on “Finishing Bonanza

  1. Such pretty yarn! It looks so squishy and these browns and pale blues are awsome! Also, congrats on finishing those socks – that pattern would have taken me years to knit…

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