New Pattern: Riverrun

Sorry to let this blog go dark for so long, but I was working on a new pattern and I thought I might submit it to Knittyspin, so I was keeping the progress a secret. Ultimately I decided to just release it on my own, since I ended up changing the pattern a bit after knitting the handspun sample, and the effort that would be involved in spinning up and then knitting up a whole new batch of yarn was more than I cared to undertake. But hey, I have a new free pattern ready for your needles! It takes just 300 yards, which I got out of only two ounces of fiber.

Riverrun is a¬†completely reversible scarf knit end-to-end to showcase the long color repeats of handspun yarns, Noro, and other such treasures. I chose horizontally-oriented design elements so that the changing colors would work with them rather than against them, and I’m thrilled with the results!

This sample is knit in Noro Silk Garden Sock, colorway S302.

And this one is knit in a fingering-weight yarn I spun from a merino-silk blend from Twist: Yarns of Intrigue. This earlier sample has fewer rows of garter stitch between the design elements, and I found it a little bit flimsier than I wanted. This version does have the optional fringe, though! And I think the subtler color transitions are just gorgeous.

So if you have some yarn, handspun or otherwise, with long color repeats that has been waiting for the perfect pattern, I humbly suggest this might be it! See the pattern page to download.