I started Kirsten Kapur’s Curatio shawl in late June, when I was deep in the trenches of my last dissertation chapter and very much in need of a cure-all. I’d had these two skeins of Koigu in my stash for ages and never quite known what to do with them — I’d deemed the color too pretty for socks, but it was a pretty small amount of yarn for a scarf or a shawl. While daydreaming through my Ravelry queue one evening, I suddenly realized that the fingering-weight version of this shawl only took 375 yards of yarn and was still quite large, given all its openwork. The geometric pattern looked pretty easy, and I definitely didn’t need more complication in my life. And I knew it would knit up fast — unlike my dissertation chapter — and provide me with a much-needed sense of accomplishment. And furthermore, the yarn’s bold, bright color seemed appropriately summery.

The day after I cast on, I learned that Kirsten Kapur was holding a Summer KAL with prizes and everything. Awesome! I’m just managing to squeak in under the deadline by finally posting this today — but posting it was past due, anyway. This knit up in just about two or three weeks, but as we’ve already established, I had no time for blogging or knit photography this summer. This shawl did everything I wanted it to do, in terms of being fun, fast, and fulfilling. What a great pattern!

Here’s a blocking-board close-up of the “bubble lace” pattern, which I think is pretty cool-looking:

And speaking of cures, I’ve been gifted some yarn recently that is feeding my post-grad-school soul. Here’s some yarn that was sent to me by my friends Heather and Steve, spun and dyed on Bainbridge Island, their new home:

I took this picture on the orange-red dresser that Pat & I bought recently to expand the storage space in our new kitchen. And the mango seemed like an appropriate companion! I think I’m going to make these into linen-stitch pillow covers — we’ve got some seriously ugly throw pillows that need some sprucing up, and these colors will look great in our living room.

And if that wasn’t enough fabulousness for you, my friend Julie recently took a trip to eastern Europe, and brought me back some authentic Estonian laceweight yarn!

I was originally thinking, of course, of knitting some outrageously complicated Estonian lace-thing out of this, but the more I think about the high level of variegation between the blues, the more I think that something simpler might be a better idea, so the variegation doesn’t detract from a complex lace pattern. Right now I’m leaning towards Kieran Foley’s The Sound of Waves, which would be appropriately maritime, but I’m going to think about it awhile longer.

I’ve got several more summer projects to share with you, and some current projects nearing completion, so stay tuned!

One thought on “Curatio

  1. Yay Bainbridge Island! I was just there a few weeks ago enjoying the beautiful yarn store and INCREDIBLE ice cream shop there. Sounds like yet another reason for you to come visit the PNW!

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