Summer’s Spinning

What you see here is my summer spinning project — a light fingering-weight yarn spun from a mohair/merino/angora blend from Cheltenham Cottage. This was a serious pain in the butt to spin because it was very clumpy, so the finished product is not as even as I’d like.

Because of the high variegation in this colorway, I decided to knit this skein into a linen-stitch scarf.

Linen stitch is my new favorite standby for high-variegation handspun — I love the way this came out! The long color runs are visible, but broken up in an interesting way by the slipped stitches. The texture is just lovely! The only problem with this scarf is that the bind-off edge (at the top in this picture) came out pretty sloppy. I just did a regular knit bind-off, since it clearly needed a relatively tight bind-off, but it’s still not tight enough! Some people recommend binding off actually in linen stitch, and I tried that, but it seemed too tight. Sigh.

Here’s a quick-and-dirty modeled shot; we didn’t have time for anything more elaborate today.

The scarf is a little short, but I basically planned it that way since I knew I didn’t have a lot to work with — I knit this side-to-side, and I was worried about having enough yarn to make it a reasonable width. I think it came out all right!



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