Autumn Arbor

I’ve finally finished my Autumn Arbor Stole! It’s my first stole ever, and I love it. I was worried that stoles would be weird and hard to wear, but I think it’s actually easier to pull off fashion-wise than a shawl. For one thing, you can just treat it as a really large scarf:


But you can also wrap it around your shoulders in a variety of ways for extra warmth, which makes it a pretty excellent autumn accessory:

So I’m pretty delighted. As usual, Anne Hanson’s pattern was lovely and intuitive. While the pattern is complicated enough that I wouldn’t say I ever quite memorized it, it was easy to anticipate what was coming next and to spot mistakes. The problem with any stole project, though, is that they take a million billion years and can get very repetitive — which is why I hadn’t knit one until now. I started this in December of last year, if you can believe it, and I picked it up and put it down a whole lot throughout the past nine months. I don’t think I’d have finished it at all — or at least, not anytime soon — if I hadn’t had to move to a new apartment in August. This was one of only two projects that didn’t get packed away during the move, so I had no choice but to focus on it throughout most of August and September. And lo.

The color is a little off in this close-up shot — it’s really the bluer green you see in the earlier photos and not so yellow/brown — but you can see the awesomeness of the lace pattern here pretty well. The yarn I used is Squoosh Fiberarts Sublime Lace, a superwash merino lace yarn that I highly recommend. And at $25 for 970 yards, it’s a steal — I made this whole thing in the petite size from just one skein!

If you’re planning on knitting this, I highly recommend bookmarking my Ravelry project page — I built off of another Raveler’s brilliant idea of how to knit the stole straight through without grafting, and I streamlined her modifications so that you end up with many fewer ends to weave in.

I still have one more summer project waiting in the wings — at this rate, it’ll be winter before I’m done telling you about summer!



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