You Can Spin the Light to Gold

Finally, the last of my summer projects. This is an Infinitude Scarf, made from the yarn left over from my Leitmotif Cardigan. I finished this in approximately July, and envisioned a blog post called “Right Trend, Wrong Season,” but as we know, the crush of dissertation-finishing, job-finding, and apartment-hunting meant that no knit-blogging happened at all this summer. Instead, I’ve cleverly titled this post with a line from a Dar Williams song called “The End of the Summer.”

If you paid attention to fashion and/or knitting magazines last winter, you know that big chunky cowls were the “It” accessory. I was skeptical of this trend at first — doesn’t connecting the ends of your scarf together limit the number of ways you can wear it? — but I slowly came around. When it’s wrapped up like in the above photo, a cowl is very snuggly and more stable and secure than a scarf. And I’ve even started liking how cowls look when worn in this less-actually-warm manner:

This (free!) pattern is pretty great — it’s easy-breezy knitting, and the result is a cowl with some interesting texture and structure. It also used up the 300 yards of Madelinetosh Vintage that I had left over from my sweater with stunning accuracy — after knitting the large size cowl, I had maybe three yards left over. And the colorway – “ink” – goes perfectly with jeans. Yaaaay.

Now that the parade of summer FOs is over, you may be wondering what happened to the Leaving Cardigan that I was working on last spring. Well, it’s still a work in progress:

I guess you can’t tell very well from this picture, but I still have about a million ends to weave in. I finished all the actual knitting on this sweater in June or July, but I never found the time to do all the seaming during the Summer of Stress. I’ve only just picked it up to do the seaming in the last few weeks, so I’m crawling toward the finish line. To tell the truth, having no time to seam was only half the problem — I was also terrified that after all that work knitting it, this sweater might not actually fit after I sewed the pieces together. The last few sweaters I’ve made have been the try-on-as-you-go variety, so by the time I got to the finishing stage I was pretty sure they were going to work out. I haven’t knit something in pieces in years, and none of the ones I knit that way in the past quite came out right. Hence, the stalling. But now that I’ve finished the seaming, I’ve confirmed that it does actually fit, so I’m excited to finish up!

Next time on Doublepointed: I (finally) reveal what’s actually on my needles right now!

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