What I’m Knitting Now

Now that the parade of summer projects is over, it’s time to show you what I’m actually working on at the moment. You may recognize this yarn as the sport-weight alpaca that I got from Twist: Yarns of Intrigue at Vogue Knitting LA just a few weeks ago — I just couldn’t keep my hands off it! The pattern is Anne Hanson’s Monkey Bread Scarf: simple, big, luscious cables that I thought would be the perfect snuggly thing for this yarn. And no, the whiskey bottle in this shot is not a coincidence — this colorway definitely reminds me of whiskey. But we do keep our liquor bottles on our kitchen table, and in the new apartment the kitchen is one of the best places to do knit-photography. Unfortunately our new porch is shaded all day long, so opening the windows and turning the lights on in the kitchen yields better light than outside in most cases.

What you see here is what I’m doing with the lovely hand-dyed yarn that my friend Heather sent me from her home in Bainbridge Island. I’m knitting it into linen-stitch pillow-covers for two currently-hideous pillows in our living room. There’s no pattern here — I just knit a swatch in linen stitch and measured the pillows and cast on accordingly. I figure I have enough yarn to do the front of each pillow in linen stitch like this, and their backs will be in plain garter stitch in some leftover blue yarn that I have in my stash. There will definitely be before-and-after pictures at some point! I just love the way that the colors of this yarn are mixed up by the linen stitch.

And last but not least, I’ve been participating in a mystery knit-along that is a collaboration between Fickleknitter Designs and Zen Yarn Garden. It’s my first mystery KAL, and it’s been fun! The yarn is just gorgeous; it’s ZYG’s Serenity Lace II, a heavy laceweight that is 80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere, and 10% nylon. It’s beautifully soft, and with a composition like that I expect it to be very durable. I actually just finished knitting this last night after motoring along as fast as I could for the past few days, because I plan to block it tonight and wear it to the Southern California Handweaver’s Guild Fiber Festival on Sunday where… wait for it… Michelle aka Fickleknitter will be appearing! So my plan is, of course, to stalk her and make her pose for a picture with me and my finished shawl. I explained to Pat that this is considered knit-blogging gold, and he told me that I live in a very strange world.

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