Mission Accomplished

Yep – that’s me with Michelle aka Fickleknitter, showing off my fresh-off-the-blocking-board shawl from October’s Fickle-Zen KAL. Try not to get too excited, but I finished and blocked this thing mere hours before last week’s Southern California Handweaver’s Guild Weaving and Fiber Festival, with the express purpose of stalking Michelle and getting this photo. Michelle was lovely in person, and my shawl got tons of compliments at the festival — and everyone was delighted to learn that the designer was local and was vending at the festival.

I wasn’t able to do a proper photoshoot of the shawl until this afternoon, though:

The yarn, to remind you, is Zen Yarn Garden‘s Serenity Lace II. It’s lovely and soft, and the dye job is gorgeous. (The colorway is “raspberry.”) Both the pattern and this colorway are exclusive to the KAL for now, but I’m guessing they’ll become publicly available eventually.

The thing I like best about this pattern is its wide and shallow shape — it’s a canny way to get a useable shawl out of a single skein of yarn, because the width makes it very wrappable.

The stitch patterns of the shawl are probably best seen in this somewhat crappy blocking photo:

Knitting this was quick and fun, with a nice result. And unlike last year, I showed some serious restraint at the fiber festival. These two lovely skeins of locally-ranched alpaca yarn are the only things that came home with me:

The ladies of Alpenglow Yarn were lovely to talk to, and I highly recommend their yarn and fiber if you’d like to support a small farm with natural dying methods. (This, of course, is undyed yarn — but their naturally-dyed stuff was beautiful as well.)

And speaking of small farms, I don’t think I’ve shown you my current spinning project:

This is Jacobs wool that I received in a Ravelry swap about a year ago. It’s a lovely color — the wool is sort of heathered gray and black, and it’s been dyed blue on top of that. My plan once I finish plying this is to finally start spinning up some of that Jacobs fleece that I got from my friends’ farm last summer, and make something striped gray and blue. I’ve been hesitating about using it just because there’s so much of it, and I keep thinking “maybe I should save it for when I get a wheel and can spin it all and make a sweater,” but that day is a long way off, so I really should just start using it now. Updates forthcoming!

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