What you see here is 1800 yards of pure, unadulterated crazypants. Let me count the ways:

1) The pattern, Jared Flood’s brand-new Leaves of Grass, is written as a shawl in fingering weight yarn but I am knitting it in bulky-weight yarn (Cascade Eco+) to make a blanket. It’s the second coming of Girasole, right? Surely it’ll be okay to just estimate yardage on this much-larger-than-a-shawl blanket before anybody else has posted such a feat on Ravelry, right?

2) There is not enough room to block the finished blanket in my apartment, so I am mailing it across the country while very much in-progress so that I can finish it at my parents’ house over the holidays and block it in their large, roomy basement. I will then, of course, ship it back to myself in California.

3) There is a distinct possibility that my mother will demand one of these for herself when she sees its full blocked-out glory. Assuming that everything works out and I don’t run out of yarn, of course. And, you know, this is a huge project and one that I’m not especially eager to undertake as a gift for somebody who doesn’t quite understand the immensity of it all.

Okay, so there are only three ways in which this is project is totally crazypants. But they are significant. And there is yet more crazy!

You see this? This is a Christmas gift. I have knitted exactly one row on it, and Christmas is 10 days away. My mother texted me yesterday with orders that I am to make a light gray cabled scarf for my brother. And as the lady at the yarn store reminded me while shoving this yarn into my hands, if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. So my brother is getting a cabled scarf for Christmas and I will somehow knit it in the next ten days. Fortunately, there is a five-hour plane ride in my near future. The yarn is Classic Elite Portland Tweed, and it’s gorgeous. I’m not going to link to the pattern until this is done, on the off chance that my brother reads this blog. I think he’ll like it, though, and not just our mother.

The third project that I’m bringing home for the holidays is much more sane:

This is a Port Ludlow sock: mellow, intuitive Anne Hanson knitting and a much-needed stashbusting project. The yarn is String Theory Caper Sock that I’ve had sitting around forever. It seems very similar to Sanguine Gryphon’s Bugga and might even be the same yarn base; I think it’s got the same fiber composition. Before Xmas-scarf-o-rama came into my life I was sure that I’d be able to finish these puppies before the end of winter break, but now I am less sure. Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Crazypants

  1. Good luck on all your projects! I’m rushing to finish a hat in 2.5 days (while a million other things compete for the same small amount of time) so I feel your pain! Glad you were able to make use of that plane ride, despite the lack of cable needle! Sadly I have no such large empty chunk of time on the horizon.

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