On the right: a cable needle. On the left: the series of items that I attempted to use instead of a cable needle yesterday. Remember that five-hour flight where I was hoping to get a ton of work  done on my last-minute cabled scarf? Yeah. I forgot to pack my cable needle. (I’ve since gotten a replacement.)

Item 1: Ballpoint pen. I thought of it first because it seemed knitting-needle-like and had a point, but its diameter was too wide and the ridges on the point made it hard to slip stitches on anyway.

Item 2: Earpiece that I broke off of an obsolete set of complimentary airplane headphones. The backpack that I use as a carry-on is used for just about nothing else in my life, so of course it contains a set of headphones that have not fit any airplane headphone jack since about 2005. I thought of this because I actually prefer hook-shaped cable needles, but the flat end turned out to be too wide and the pointy end turned out to be too full of ridges.

Item 3: I know what you’re thinking, and that would certainly have helped, but no. That is an airplane barf-bag closure, and it saved my life. It is reinforced with little wires, which made it stiff, and as you can see, I folded the ends to be pointy for easier stitch-spearing. It was not ideal, but it got the job done, and I got lots of scarf knitted on the plane.

Christmas is not ruined. Yet.

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