Slow and Steady Somethings the Something

My Path of Flowers stole has certainly grown — I’d say it’s about 1/3 of the way done — but after working on it for the lion’s share of our 22-hour drive from Long Beach to Austin, I’m a little annoyed that I haven’t gotten farther. I’m madly in love with this thing, though — I understand why Grumperina was so taken with it. I don’t have any close-up shots of it at the moment, but the yarn and the pattern work so well together that it blows my mind: the subtle shifts in color and shading are lovely. Like Grumperina, I had a rocky start with this pattern: the lace is pretty complicated, particularly in the center panel, and before I fully got my head around it I managed to make a massive error and then not notice it for another evening of working on the thing — so I actually spent the first hour or two of our 22-hour trip painstakingly undoing 10 or so (very long!) rows. But I’ve since made friends with the lace pattern, if not exactly memorized it — it remains complicated enough to keep me interested, but not so difficult that I’ve made any more mistakes that I didn’t catch right away.

I had a similar two-steps-forward, one-step-back experience with my Butternut Scarf, seen here. It was actually the opposite problem: this pattern is so easy and intuitive that it’s very possible to go on autopilot and make a mistake, particularly at the “switch” points where you start working on the motif in the opposite direction. Ask me how I know — argh. I had to spend about an hour and a half unknitting a whole movie’s worth of knitting. Now I know to pay super close attention at those “switch” points, and all is well.

My Stripe Study shawl is getting a little unwieldy for the needle it’s on, but I have faith that I’ll be able to finish it without having to do anything crazy. Actually, since I’m knitting it with my Addi Lace Interchangeables, I could just add some more cord onto the end if I really wanted to! I was worried that it was too big and smunched up to photograph well, but I actually love the way this picture came out! It’s like modern art. These turn out to be perfect colors for Austin, since UT’s color is “burnt orange,” but with all the 100-degree days here, I’m not sure I’m going to be up for shawl modeling when this is done. We’ll see. Maybe in the late afternoon or early morning?

I’ve also got a secret project going that I won’t be able to show you for a few more months. But this is sort of a teaser for it, in that I’m probably going to use a little of this yarn for embellishments on the secret project. This is a skein of “Everlasting,” a sock yarn by Dream in Color, in the colorway “Morning Glory.” I’m trying to cut down on my yarn-buying, so this will probably be my only souvenir skein from Austin. I originally intended to actually knit socks with it, but I’ve been thinking lately that it might be really nice as a large, simple, openwork shawl like Uxbridge or Lombard Street. The moment of truth will probably come when I finish my Stripe Study: stay tuned!

One thought on “Slow and Steady Somethings the Something

  1. ooh, you’ve got some awesome scarves on the go! It makes sense to have a more complicated lace pattern and an easier one, so you can switch gears when you need to. I love car knitting, but I feel the same way- that somehow I should have so much more to show for it! I don’t think I knit as fast in reality as i do in my head.

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