Happy Birthday to Me

IMG_5679Yes, yes. Technically my birthday was in April. But in April, I took advantage of my birthday-month discount at my local yarn store, and I bought this lovely skein of Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Silk + in the “Mystic Ocean” colorway. And then in June I started knitting it into a Laminaria shawl, following Xavi’s mods on Ravelry to leave out the star chart. And now that this project is finished, it’s like it’s my birthday all over again!

IMG_5658My favoritest shade of deep blue-green, such a beautiful lace pattern, and a dramatic and generously-sized shawl. Yes, yes, and yes! Can you even believe how fabulous the above shot is? Pat snapped the picture just as I was twirling around, so we caught the shawl in motion.


I no longer remember exactly how many repeats of the blossom chart I knit, but in order to get as much shawl as possible out of my skein I religiously followed the yarn-ratio charts that the designer (Elizabeth Freeman) brilliantly supplies on Ravelry (pretending I’d knit one repeat of the star chart, since there’s no entry for zero). I knit a Laminaria once before and I knew that the edging does eat up a lot of yarn, but I was skeptical when the charts told me to start the edging with something like 40% of my yarn left. But Elizabeth is a genius at whose feet I worship, so I did what her charts told me — while secretly making plans to match up the leftover yarn I’d surely have with some of the other remnants in my stash. But she was right, of course: when I got to the last few rows, I even started to sweat, thinking I might not have enough to finish! I ended up having to bind off on the final purl row rather than purling that row and binding off on the knit side. Never again will I doubt you, Elizabeth, and please write us another of your gorgeous shawl patterns soon.