Xmas Socks


Sure, February may seem a little late to be showing you my Xmas knitting, but I’m waaaay behind — there’s stuff from fall and even late summer that you haven’t seen yet! These are the socks I knit for Pat; the pattern is Jeeves by Sarah Wolf. I discovered a couple of years ago that DK-weight socks are a great way to make knitting for his giant feet go significantly faster, and it also allows me to provide him with heavier-weight socks than he can buy at a store. His Blackberry Waffle Socks wore out this year, and while I can darn them, I haven’t gotten around to it yet — knitting a new pair is more fun!


It turns out there aren’t very many patterns for DK-weight socks out there at all — I may have to write one next year! This one worked well, though — it has a simple, unisex design that’s visually interesting. I ended up making some of the same mods that I did to the original Blueberry Waffle pattern to accommodate both my desire to knit at a tighter gauge and Pat’s wide feet — I knit these on US 2s, not US 4s, and I added a stitch repeat, which I believe was 8 extra stitches.


What is that delicious red yarn, you say? Why, it’s Madelinetosh Tosh DK, in the Tart colorway! I’ve always loved this rich, dark red — I’ve actually been working on a sweater in it, but I had a sleeve disaster at some point over the summer and put it aside. I suppose I ought to pick it up and finish it before the end of the cold weather, but first I have to finish a project for a friend, and then I have a rather large wedding present for my brother to work on. Shh, don’t tell! Anyway, I bought some additional Tart for this project rather than dip into my sweater supply, because I still have faith that I’m going to finish that sweater someday. I thought this red was an inspired choice for ManSocks, because it’s a very colorful departure from the usual grays and browns, while still being pretty manly. Pat has a bright red bathrobe that matches these, and I actually got him the pajama pants you see here pretty recently — dark blue and dark red are some of his favorites. As you can see, these socks are fitting in his sleepwear wardrobe perfectly.

There will be more before long, I hope! I have a lot of catching up to do!