Yarn Maraca, Yarn Egg

Behold my new toy:


I am too poor for a ball winder and swift, so I recently got it in my head to buy a nostepinne. This one is walnut wood, handmade by Birch Creek Naturals, who are lovely. It fits perfectly in my hand and is a pleasure to work with. With the help of directions from Fiber Fool and Hatchtown Farm I was able to create, well, this:


A Yarn Maraca. (You know, those things you shake while doing the Mexican Hat Dance? Yeah.) Theoretically, a nostepinne should allow you to create lovely flat-ended center-pulling balls like the ones an electric ball winder will make. But this was my first time, and it was hard. The end you can’t see very well here did end up pretty flat, though. I figured that as long as one end came out flat, the thing could stand up on my coffee table while I knit from it like it was supposed to. And behold:


A lovely, standing-up Yarn Egg. I was unreasonably proud of my Yarn Egg, showing it off to several perpexed non-knitting guests and one minorly impressed knitter. The yarn is Handmaiden Sea Silk, which is gorgeous and was a pleasure to work with. (It’s also the yarn pictured in my blog header, before its chrysalis stage as a Yarn Egg.) It has now become a beautiful butterfly, in the form of a Swallowtail Shawl which is off the needles and waiting for me to block it. Soon you will hear the story of knitting the Swallowtail, and see pictures of its blocked-out gorgeousness!