I am barely a pattern designer — sometimes I make stuff up, and I write that stuff down so other knitters can benefit from the hours I spend swearing and crying. That said, here are all four of my successful original creations.

Punky Gauntlets


Snowflake Dog Sweater

Sorceress Shrug

3 thoughts on “Patterns

  1. I am trying to knitthe dog snowflake pattern however I was waondering there are white squares and dark but also shaded one what does the shaded ones mean
    Look forard to hearing from you

    • The even-numbered rows are shaded just to make reading the chart easier! The only thing that matters for working the chart is whether a square is light or dark.

  2. Question…the number of stitches described for the first row of the snowflake design (on front) counts out to an odd number of stitches but having started with an even number of stitches, and reduced evenly all the way down, results in an even number of stitches. How’d you get to an uneven number (7 to marker, 13 pattern, 7 past marker = 27

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